My colleague  told me: GIMANA SIH LOEEE!!!! Susah banget nerima keadaan loe sebagai seorang selebritis????

A simple thing can turn into a big deal when people talk about it.

I think its a common thing that happen in society, like it or not :). Most of people like talking or sharing, even for someone who dislike gossiping at some point he/she will talk :p In my – 26 years – life, I figure out that you can be so talkative when you meet someone that click to you.

Anyway, do you ever feel some cases in your life being other issues? Either its a good thing or bad thing. Maybe you act like those issues are totally fine or normal, no need to exaggerate,  but when others talk or discuss its become something different. Sometimes people also like to spice its up :p Yeah its can be so annoying, making your life miserable, but its can be so fun too 🙂

So, its back to you, how you see things that happened. Just a thing or some issues that need to be considerate. If something annoy me, of course I will be drama queen :p But after a while I will say TERSERAH :p

Have fun guys, have fabulous weekend…. Please feel free to talking about me :p


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